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Binance $50 USD BTC Gift Card Digital Gift Card (Email Delivery)

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With a Binance Gift Card you can send crypto gifts to your loved one in the form of a card. Binance Gift Cards can be used even by those who do not have a Binance account, and you can spend funds on them without additional fees.



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Buy Binance Gift Card (USDT) GLOBAL USD KEY Online
Do you want to start investing in crypto? Its potential as an alternative currency is vast, and many claim it to be the currency of the future. Some invest in cryptocurrencies because they are not regulated by any government or bank. Others choose crypto because they see the potential of growing their investments exponentially. Whatever your reasons may be, investing in crypto has never been easier. There are numerous ways how you can invest and trade in crypto, but Binance gift cards are the easiest! With Binance Gift Card (USDT) GLOBAL USD Key you can start investing and trading in the most popular cryptocurrencies today!

What is Binance?
After you buy Binance Gift Card (USDT) GLOBAL USD Key, you’ll need to redeem and store it in a virtual wallet. That is where Binance comes in. But what is Binance? To put it simply, Binance is a platform where you can exchange and trade cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re new to crypto, or a seasoned trader, Binance is a user-friendly platform that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to invest in. There are more than 600 currencies and virtual Tokens to choose from, including Binance’s own BNB token. If you’re just starting your crypto journey, you can learn all the ins and outs of cryptocurrency exchange, as well as set up your Crypto Wallet. Binance will give you everything you need to start investing and trading in crypto!



With a Binance Gift Card you can send crypto gifts to your loved one in the form of a card. Binance Gift Cards can be used even by those who do not have a Binance account, and you can spend funds on them without additional fees.

How Does It Work?

Once you purchase Binance Gift Card on Baxity Store, you can give cryptocurrency to your friends or relatives without commission. Each gift card comes with a unique activation code and can only be used once. The activation code can be sent by e-mail or you can find it on your Baxity Store account.

Who Is It For?

Binance Gift Cards are a new and convenient way to transfer funds to friends and family. Their service is completely free, there are no commissions for sending and receiving, the period of validity is not limited. The function of replenishing gift cards is not yet available, but it is possible that such an option will appear in the future.

What Countries Is It Available In?

Note that Binance Gift Cards are available in the following countries listed through this link

You can also check the availability of the card in your region on the Baxity Store website by selecting the appropriate country in the product categories.


Perhaps you need to know “where can I buy a Binance Gift Card”? Let’s see how to get Binance Gift Cards.

To buy Binance Gift Cards online you need:

Open a new or log into your existing account in Baxity Store.
Select the Binance Gift Card, the value and quantity you are going to purchase.
Add the item to your shopping cart and proceed to payment methods.
Pay for Binance Gift Card through a convenient payment system and complete the purchase.

The card code will be delivered to your email (registered in the Baxity Store) after placing and paying for the order in the store. It can also be copied in your personal account on the website in the “Orders” option. Now you know where to get Binance Gift Cards.

Available Denominations

Binance Gift Cards values ​​can be found in the corresponding category of Baxity Store.

How To Use It?

To redeem a Binance Gift Card:

Go to your Binance account and choose the “Gift Card” section in your profile. In this section, you can either immediately exchange the card for cryptocurrency, or add it to your account for activation in the future. Click “Add Card” to add it to the list.
Enter the code that was sent to you along with the gift and click “Redeem”.

Now you are the only owner of the gift card, no one will be able to activate it, even if the code was stolen from you. Therefore, it is recommended to add cards immediately, and activate them as needed.

How To Check Your Balance?

You can check your Binance Gift Card balance and the status with the gift card number in your personal account. In the menu choose Profile and go to the Gift Card section.

Are There Any Fees Or Restrictions

At the moment sending and redeeming Binance gift cards are free of charge. Fiat currencies are not supported. After adding the gift card to your account you become the owner of this gift card, that means that no one can add or redeem it.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to top up Binance Gift Card, but you can purchase a new Binance Gift Card on Baxity Store.


With Binance Gift Card you can receive cryptocurrencies to your Binance account or send them to the other recipient in a fast, easy and customizable way without any fees. After the recipient redeems the gift card code, the cryptocurrency will be fully deposited into the recipient’s Binance wallet. Thanks to the gift card codes that come with Binance Gift Cards, you can send your Binance Gift Cards in a number of fun ways. These codes also make it easy to send gifts anywhere.

Which Websites Accept It?

Binance Gift Cards can be used on Binance app or website. For those looking for a personalized experience, Binance Gift Card allows you to customize your gift card with themed templates and personalized messages.

Additional information

Single Gift Card Color

Black, Gold, Orange, White

Single Gift Card Amount

$50 USD

Single Gift Card Use In


Single Gift Card Valid For


Single Gift Card Fees

No Card Fee

Single Gift Card Attributes

Digital Gift Card

Single Gift Card Delivery Form

Automatic Delivery


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